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Not everyone can breastfeed

There's even a website: http://noteveryonecanbreastfeed.com/

This would have saved me some aggravation if I had know about this a month ago. 

Generalized "Ugh"

They insist on claiming there's going to be a Highlander remake. To which I say "ugh". Of all the things you can do in that universe, you can't think of anything else? If I wanted to watch the first Highlander movie, I'd watch the first Highlander movie. It's out there, it's available. It's not a theater play that needs re-enacted with new actors. And now I'm just suffering from mental anguish thinking if the remake can possibly be worse than Highlander: The Source. I wouldn't think so, but the mental anguish damage is done.

In other "ugh" news, I seem to be suffering from the common cold. So you know, not bad enough that I should take off from work, but yes bad enough that I feel like utter crap. Whatever you do, don't google "can you die from the common cold" because the answer is "extremely rarely, but yes". Don't do it.

In slightly less "ugh" news, if you are my Facebook friend, you've seen pictures of me being very, very pregnant. Only four more weeks to go, which in reality could be anywhere from "any day now" to six weeks from now. Then I'll can has babby. Maybe. Hopefully. Who knows.

All I want for Valentine's Day is the opportunity to sleep in the entire weekend. Hopefully, The Husband is already aware of my extreme affection for him year-round.

And in other things that are currently irritating me... People, nobody is forcing you to watch the "50 Shades of Grey" movie. Nobody. If you don't care about it, ignore it. It's what I do with EVERY SINGLE MOVIE I DON'T WANT TO SEE. I don't understand the media's fascination with complaining about it. Some people are going to watch it anyway. Let it go...

Putting the "fun" in funeral

Oh wait, that's not even a thing. There is no fun in funerals.

Cut due to suicide talking. Skip if it"s triggery for youCollapse )

In other irritating news, The Husband's Ex continues to be irritating. She's been having car issues for weeks now and is unable to take The Boy to school, but she is always either in the verge of fixing it or in the verge of getting a new car. The Boy has been staying with us during weekdays in the meantime. When confronted about anything, she threatens with taking him to court for child support. Then she talks about how independent she is and how she doesn't need help, at the same time that she is requesting help. Even after help is provided, she complains again about the lack of help. But she's independent and doesn't need any help, of course.

In less irritating news, I am still pregnant. Only 6 more weeks to go. I already feel like I've been pregnant forever, seriously. Baby is still measuring fine, and I just got the Tdap vaccine at my last Dr's appointment (no whooping cough for MY baby!). Sometimes I worry that I'm not worrying enough.

Anyway, I don't think I have anything else to talk about. Work continues to be retarded, so everything is the same as usual. Husband continues to be super awesome, so everything is the same as usual as well.


Work is being pretty retarded lately, with weeks of having nothing to do alternated with a few days of trying to do a lot of things at once. I feel like all I do these days is hang out with work people and complain about other work people. The situation here is worst than Dilbert. If you look up my company on Glassdoor.com, you'll see nothing but bad reviews. But oh well, still need to work here until I can has babby because I need the lousy health insurance.

Is it too early to complain about the cold? I don't think so. I am not feeling the SAD so far, or haven't noticed yet. But I am still annoyed at the lack of warmth, obviously. And the fact that it gets dark before 6 PM. It's ridiculous!

In financial news, we bought another lot of land, adjacent to the lot of land we bought earlier this year. It belonged to the same family but it was never built on, and The Husband was worried about how it could potentially be sold in the future and we'd get undesirable neighbors, or something. So now we're in debt again, and nowehere near being able to build a house. Woo?! Not to mention the super expensiveness of having a baby soon. Finances!

Speaking of pregnancies... the pregnancy forum continues to be hilarious. I'm enjoying making fun of other people's problems. These days it's "my husband won't have sex with me!" "my husband wants to have sex with me but I don't want to!" or "my husband is looking at porn!!!!OMGWTFBBQ!!!". And I'm, like, um... my husband and I are having sex as usual *shrugs*. Maybe a little bit more than usual. So, in your faces, other people!

Uh... I've got nothing. I swear, I used to be more interesting than this. Ask me questions and I'll write something more relevant in here.

Bloggity McBlog

The Husband complains that I don't blog enough about my pregancy so he doesn't know how I'm feeling about it, even though I talk to him about it every day several times a day.

We got our 20 week scan a few days ago, and the babby has arms, legs, a lot of internal organs and boy parts. Nothing wrong with the baby, no major problems with me. This is probably the most boring pregnancy ever for my OB practice. I haven't even needed to buy maternity pants yet. Other than the little dude kicking my insides, feeling tired most of the time (but less tired than during the first trimester), eating more and (junkier food) than I used to and having to pee 32857243 times a day, it's life as usual for me these days.

I've been having a sort of social media identity crisis. LJ is probably the only place where I can truly vent about stuff, but it doesn't seem anyone is still here. Or if they are here, they are not here often enough to interact as needed. Facebook and Twitter are full of nasty and stupid people. Or maybe they've always been like that but now I'm too old and have little patience for them.

I miss TWoP and caring enough about each TV episode to read a recap or discuss in a forum. I know there's other places, but it lacks the same people. Oddly enough, after a few years of watching a minimal number of TV shows, this season I probably started watching about 10-15 new shows. I blame having an over-the-air antenna. I can't watch shows live, since commercials truly get on my nerves, but sometimes The Husband watches some sports and they air ads about upcoming TV shows that seem interesting, so I add them to my to-download list. Have I mentioned how Ioan Gruffud is plain adorable, even if he's on a mediocre and swordless Highlander rip-off?

Anyway, you know how romantic movies always end up with the protagonists getting married and then we are told they lived happily ever after and we never hear back from them? That's because happily ever after is BORING. Don't get me wrong, it's great, but it's boring. That's the life that I'm living these days, which is probably why you don't hear that much about it. You probably wish you were me, though. But what can I say, probably sucks to be you!

More random randomness

I'm pretty sure that when you get pregnant, the recommendation is to stop eating junk food, not start eating junk food. I've tried pretty much everything in the vending machines at work, and I must say that the only things truly worth the extra carbs are the Cheetos and the Sour Cream and Onion Lay's. Everything else is a waste of carbs and money. And I definitely truly cannot handle any kind of candy.

The Husband is sucking at taking the whole pregnancy cravings thing seriously. If I'm having a crying fit about the lack of fries in the house, then maybe, MAYBE I really really wanted to eat some fries, even though I know they are bad for me. He also expects me to have enough energy to do all my chores (and promptly!) which is also causing a lot of strain in the relationship.

Also, I feel like I should be in "pregnancy mode" 100% of the time but I'm not. But, seriously, other than waiting for the baby to be born, I haven't found there is much I can actively do. I did get signed up into a pregnancy forum when I got the What to Expect app, but I swear 80% of the posts are all "my symptoms are gone, am I still pregnant?!" Terribly annoying, I'd say.

Here's a couple short lists: Things I miss while being pregnant: Ibuprofen. Things I don't miss while being pregnant: my period.

Is this thing still on?

Some of you might have not seen my pregnancy announcement over Facebook. So, um, there's a babby in my uterus. Due on March 10th, allegedly.

Other than me getting a UTI even before my first prenatal visit (got babby-safe antibiotics, it cleared up right away), it's been a ridiculously uneventful pregnancy. Was queasy from weeks 5 to 8, but didn't throw up once. And, sure, I'm tired all the time, but can't say how much of it is the babby, or how much of it it's just me being tired all the time as usual.

The house we're renting is having bullshit plumbing issues again, but we're too poor to start with the whole "building the dream house" thing. We're basically out of savings, which means we're just like every other American household ever. We'll probably start looking at builders again soon anyway.

Finally got promoted at work, but the promotion raise was pretty sad. I mean, it was what I expected, but it was not what I wanted. And, of course, now it's not a good time to look for a different job. Oh, and they totally assigned me to a different project, "temporarily," to cover up a hole for someone who quit. Which means working with new people and working with added stress. Because, of course, why should anything be easy?

Anyway, what's up around LiveJournalLand?

July 2014 update

{insert mandatory "I should update more often" whine}

Things that are going on:

  • Work-related bullshit. Same as usual. Our yearly performance reviews are coming up (in September, allegedly) and if I don't get a promotion or a raise I'm going to cut up a bitch. And no, finding another job is not an option for me right now

  • New Weird Al album next week! Almost no spoilers whatsoever! People actively posting on WOWAY! Weird Al making appearances in places!

  • I'm all caught up with Game of Thrones and the A Song of Ice and Fire books. Now I have to wait horribly until next year (or more!) like everyone else. Boo!

  • Argentina made it to the World Cup final! Feat unseen since 1990 when we lost the final against Germany with a made-up penalty shot (what, no, I'm not still bitter). Who are we playing now? You guessed it, Germany again! I am finding it difficult to adapt from an environment that stops everything its doing to watch the games to an environment where I'm (almost) the only one who cares. Not cool at all.

  • The US medical system fucking me over once again, but more on that on a later update.

  • People are hating on Britney Spears again. I just want to yell "leave Britney alone!!!" and "ur just jelluss!!!!". This seriously upsets me more than it should. I do love her latest album and IDGAF if it's 99% auto-tuned.

  • They're renovating the workplace and it's smelled like paint all day in here. That can't be healthy at all. Won't anyone think about the children?!!

  • Like I said over someone else's LJ: fuck carbs. Carbs are not food. Grains are totally not food either. I've been low carb for over a year (lost 20 pounds) and the few times I strayed I felt like bullshit afterwards. "Low fat" foods can go fuck themselves as well. I had an entire avocado this morning and it was the greatest thing ever.

  • Not sure I mentioned here that my parents were visiting me at some point in May. Totally cool. Also, we spent 4th of July's weekend at my Father-in-Law's in Virginia. The Husband ended up super upset at something his stepmom did (or didn't do). Told him not to get other people's retardedness affect you, but I guess a lot of people have trouble with that. Other people being retarded has nothing to do with me.

  • It's summer. Have you heard summer is awesome and totally not winter? Yeah, I thought you might have. I do indeed feel much less shitty than during the winter. Though maybe I am not enjoying the summer as much as I should. You know me. I'm a complainer.

  • Been doing belly-dancing again, but it sucks that my teacher is only doing 4 or 6 week courses instead of having a consistent year-long thing. We're currently on a hiatus until the fall. I may or may not be performing soon, depending on my dubious abilities as a seamstress and being able to finish my costume in time or not. I know it's a horrible reason not to perform, but you don't live inside my brain so shut up.

  • Michael Rosenbaum is either going to be on a horrible TV show, or has a horrible TV pilot being filmed. I don't know the exact details of it because I can't read much when my hands are covering my face with second-hand embarrassment.

  • Speaking of pretty people doing horrible things, OMG Alec Baldwin needs to just be beautiful and shut the fuck up. Seriously.

  • Did I bitch about the ending of HIMYM here? Ugh. That was the most horrible thing ever. I am still traumatized. Because of reasons.

  • I think I haven't even finished watching the latest season of some of my TV shows. I am just getting horrible at fandom. I know, my life must suck. Don't you feel there comes a time when you've seen every story there is to see, and you feel you're seeing the same stories just happening to different characters.

I am pretty bored today, so let me know if you wish me to expand on any of these bullet points. But fuck carbs, seriously.

There's a new LiveJournal? Huh?

Honestly, I only have my friends page bookmarked so I never go through the main portal. I had to go there on purpose and all I can say is "meh".

There you go, my contribution to LJ for the month.
So might as well use this mood to write something here.

Been reading a lot of articles about impostor syndrome, and I'm, like "uh, that's not me at all". I get what they're saying, and there are a few instances when I have felt it in the past (mostly on my first couple of jobs, and when I first joined choir), but it's impossible for me to feel that way anymore. If I have no idea what I'm doing, I own it. But what's most important, I acknowledge the fact that nobody else has any idea what they're doing either. It's what people do. You take your knowledge and use it the best way you can to achieve your goals.

I also read the entire Divergent series in a weekend. I started with the first book and it kind of hooked me. Until I realized I was trapped in a vortex of suck and I couldn't get out of it. Might have as well read Twilight instead. That way I would have been prepared for it. Even though I didn't write a review of the last book myself, I found an existing review in Goodreads that conveys everything that bothered me.

Recently unfriended a vegan person on Facebook. Made me reflect on my diet choices and wonder if I try to shove it on people's faces as annoyingly as they did. I hope not. I've been on a low carb diet for about 3/4 of a year and even though I do think sugar is basically poison, I am not posting links like this on fb three times a day saying "I AM SO RIGHT AND YOU ARE SO WRONG. SEE? PROOF!". Would that make anyone change their mind? I don't think so.

I'm still having a certain degree of apathy and fatigue, but I keep trying to convince myself that tralalala winter is over. But not really. Sure, the Polar Vortex seems to have receded and we've been having some sunny days, but I am still not feeling 100% out of the funk.

Still waiting for summer

Though I do see some light at the end of the tunnel. I found that I am managing by thinking warm thoughts. I even went online and bought some summer sandals (the purple ones) just because. I mean, I did need new sandals but of course for sure I didn't need them *now*.

I am not good at consistently using my SAD lamp, but I found it does help, even if it may be placebo effect. But like I said, I am actually seeing the Sun some days, and that helps too. I know, sometimes the sky is blue, I tell you!

I don't feel I'm being very productive at work lately. I am accomplishing a lot of "just showing up". Which is good. I swear around here it's, if you work from home, you have to explain what you're doing, how you're doing it, when will you be done, and provide triplicate proof of what you did. If you show up... nobody even cares if you're doing anything. It's so sad it's funny.

I'm currently digging both Robbie Williams and Britney Spears's newest albums. I feel a lot like this person here. Anyone judging my musical taste can fuck off. Unless they tell me my musical taste is really awesome. Then we can be friends.

"Everything is awesome," except...

We went to see the Lego Movie yesterday. I 99% liked the movie, except that thing at the end.

Don"t click if you"re avoiding Lego Movie spoilers. Click ahead if you don"t care either wayCollapse )

Guys, I can't even.

In today's episode of bleh

I've been increasingly getting exhausted for the past two weeks, to the point where I just want to hibernate until spring. So I finally caved in and bought a small SAD light. It will arrive to my house at some point during next week, but I suspect I will have turned to ashes by then and it'll be too late. It was nice knowing you all.

In other order of bleh, I chopped most of my hair off last weekend. I needed the cut to be 8" or more to be able to donate the ponytail to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths charity (I've read Locks of Love has been kinda iffy lately). I instantly regretted my decision (not about donating), because I cut off way more than I'm comfortable with. That's why you'll see no before-and-after pics, and you possibly won't see any pictures of me for the next 3 to 6 months or so. Oh wait, I'll be dead from SAD before then anyway.

In another "I've made a huge mistake" category, I decided that sewing my own baby clothes before even getting pregnant would save me a lot of money in the long run (because who actually takes any craft projects *after* the baby is born, anyway?). So far I spent a small fortune in sewing supplies and have nothing to show for it. I incorrectly figured that since babbys are tiny, their clothes would be easy and fast to make. Totally not true. But the husband is encouraging me not to give up (probably to recoup some of the waste of money), so I'll have to keep at it for a while. Until I die from SAD next week, anyway.

So how are you guys doing?

More meh

The Husband is on vacation until after the New Year, so I've been driving myself to work for the last few days. So far, I've managed not to kill myself. It also helps that there's barely any traffic due to the holidays.

Went to a job interview a couple weeks ago, but they didn't like me. Another place where I had a phone interview sent me a sad "we decided to pursue other candidates" email, which makes me believe that I didn't get that job either, but I had applied for several positions there, so I can't really tell for sure. So I've kinda given up on all that, so I'm stuck here for the near future.

In light of the imminent downgrade of my health insurance plan, I did finally go to the Reproductive Endocrinologist. When she instantly whisked me away to a different floor to get a blood test, I went all "uh-oh". They haven't sent me the bill for that yet, but they have sent me my insurance claim saying that "Because you are with [health insurance], instead of paying $2000, you'll only have to pay $1000! You saved 50%!!!" And the worst part of it is that it goes towards my 2013 deductible (which was only $1250, as opposed to the $2500 I get for 2014). So that's about it for me and doctors in the mid-term future. But still, had I waited until 2014, I would have had to pay another 500-1000 on top of that, because I'd be losing the $30 copays. I even had to ask for them to make copies of the blood test for me. By the way, her diagnosis was "you have PCOS" (which, duh, I know that!) and that I should first try to get pregnant without any fertility drugs (which I could have done by myself without going to the doctor). Oh, and apparently, some of the things in the blood tests are my immunity for varicella and rubella (both of which I know for I fact I had as a child, and could have saved me whatever amount from those $1000). But at least now I have a real USA prescription for Metformin, so I don't need to smuggle it from Argentina anymore. So I have that going for me, which is nice :P


Slipped on ice on our front steps this morning and did not have a graceful fall. All I can think of is that if I were 30 years older, I would have definitely ended up with a broken something. Or many broken somethings. As for today, I came out of it with a mild scrape in my arm, and considerable muscular pain on my lower right back. This has not left me in a good mood, thus I am trying to avoid talking to anyone while at work. Hopefully I'll manage to convince the Husband to migrate to a warmer climate for our retirement (or maybe Global Warming will have taken over by then).

Got a bonus at work this week. Or, as I'd like to call it "we found some loose change under our vending machines and we're giving it to our employees". Last week, we got an announcement of what our 2014 benefits will cost, which immediately prompted me to start looking for a different job. I got a couple phone interviews, and I am asking for waaaay more money that I'm making right now (and they're not saying no so far), but I keep going back and forth in my mind, wondering if it's going to be worth the added stress and insane commute. I'd have to drive 15-20 minutes to a bus stop, and ride a bus for 45-60 minutes to reach downtown.

Our future health plan has no copays, which means that a doctor's visit will go from $30 to $300. But the company is going to graciously give us $250 on an HSA! I took it as a cue to finally go see that Reproductive Endocrinologist and get my ladyparts looked at (while I can still pay $30 for the visit), but I still can't come to terms with the fact that it's going to cost me a small fortune no matter what. On the same day I visited the doctor, she sent me to a different floor to have blood taken, where they just went all "oh, look at the pretty insurance card you have" and proceeded to take 11 vials of blood without giving me a guesstimate of how much it's going to cost me to do that. Hopefully, this will give me the all clear to go babby-forming. Which will cost another fortune by itself.

And did I mention we'll be buying a lot to build a house on it? It makes me feel like a grownup or something. But not too grownup that my bones break, hopefully

I am probably overthinking this too much

So I wasn't paying that much attention to whatever Michael Rosenbaum was promoting endlessly over Twitter, but today I finally watched the trailer for his upcoming movie. And... um... er....

I knew he always had this script, about a story that happened in his hometown or something. And I assume nobody would ever ever produce it (because they knew what they were doing!), so he took all the millions he made on SV and made the movie himself. Sorta like "screw you guys, I'm going home". So he wrote a movie about a character that is pretty much himself. I mean, his character is Jim Owens, and that will show you that I know more about Michael *Owen* Rosenbaum that I care to admit (though most people here in LJ were in that same boat with me 10 years ago). And his character is a "failed" actor, much as MR would have considered himself right before SV. And his character goes back to his (highschool?) reunion in the very town where MR grew up (though I thought he moved to NY in his early teens?).

So he has all his acting experience and he uses it to play himself? I kinda want to say "Mary Sue" but that doesn't quite fit. I'm sure there's another way to describe his "look, ma, I'm in a movie" attitude.

Anyway, do we think MR threw his career away, or do we think that after he gets this *thing* out of his system he'll go back and find some decent work and we'll be able to ogle him again someday?

I'm married. How awesome is that?

I used to live inside my head a lot. And it wasn't pretty. And all the things I used to worry about... I don't know what they were, I don't think about them anymore.

I don't regret anything because every little step brought me here but, damn, it would have saved me so much suffering if I had known how it would all end up.


How do you know when to stop shopping online?

I needed to buy a few things for sewing, and then I found a code that said free shipping w $25 purchase, so I added some other things to my cart but I couldn't fill it up to $25 and left it sitting there. When I resumed my shopping session today, I found a free shipping no minimum code, and now I'm all "but I needss thiss, it's my preciousss" even though my incentive to buy more instead of less is gone.

I found that no matter how small the task I'm performing, I need to have the right tool for it. Which probably explains my strange affection for kitchen gadgets and such. Sure, I *can* cut cheese with a regular knife, but don't they have special cheese-cutting thingies that are supposedly better at it? This tool/gadget need of mine makes it difficult to venture into new hobbies or interest areas, as I am compelled to make a major initial investment.

I thought I was getting used to living in 'Murica, but I found myself more and more upset at the general stupidity of 'Murican food choices lately. As an example... How difficult is it to make a soft/fresh cheese other than mozzarella? Went to the Italian supermarket last night, and the only thing they had was a ridiculously expensive Port Salut imported from France. Imported from France! That's like, the opposite of the raison d'être of the cheese.

Gave up on trying to track everything I eat. We'll see how that goes. The first few days I was still adding up the numbers in my head anyway. I shouldn't really have to. I don't plan on changing the way I eat. I know what I am and what I'm not supposed to. Really.

In the sections of things that I should be excited about but feel meh instead, I drove to work by myself today. The Husband is home sick. Hopefully I'll be able to make it home alive as well.

Hey peeps!

I finally got my driver's license. On the 6th try. I am less aware of the fact that I can now drive on my own than the fact that I will NEVER EVER EVER have to take my driver's test ever again. That's about all I care about.

Went to the Boy's parent-teacher conference today. Must say we were quite surprised at the fact that the teacher doesn't seem to think that OMG THE BOY IS RETARDED, SOMETHING MUST BE DONE, but rather considers him to be a normal 4th grader. We're like, geez, how horrible must the other kids be (because we're mean parents). She mentioned him getting distracted, but the word ADHD didn't even come up. I guess she has more realistic expectations of kids his age than last year's teacher did. And she's more resilient to horrible penmanship as well.

I'm not feeling as horrible as I did last winter, so my possible hypothesis right now are 1) Horrible winter weather hasn't even started yet, 2) Taking vitamin D is helping somewhat and 3) Losing weight and/or a low-carb diet is helping somewhat. I'm leaning strongly towards hypothesis 1 for the moment.

We're slowly moving forward on trying to build a house from scratch instead of buying one. It looks like we may be able to afford it, but only if none of us ever loses their job in the next 30 years. Ever. Oh, and apparently construction loans are 1500% more convoluted that regular mortgages. Yay?

Weird that I feel more wary of the financial commitment in itself, than I feel wary of a joint financial commitment with The Husband. I'm totally okay with the thought of a financial partnership for the next 30 years with a person that I didn't even know 5 years ago. How weird is that, really?


I went to check my Friends Page today, and it was all wonky. By which I mean, wonkier than usual. My friend colors were not showing up correctly. I had to switch my journal style from S1 to S2. OMG, I'm a LiveJournal veteran!!

Anyway, didn't do much work today. I was mostly contemplating the meaning of life.

So, once you reach your ideal weight, tell me again what happens? I seem to forget what I'm supposed to be doing now. I mean, I still have, like, 3 pounds to lose until I'm in "normal" BMI range. But... shouldn't unicorns be farting rainbows around me at all times now? No? You mean... life is exactly the same when you're thin? That's a disappointment.

I admit sometimes I forget LJ exists

I was reading my friends page and it's only going as far as skip=120. I don't remember this being that way.

I can't remember what was the last thing I wrote over here, and I'm too lazy to check. I didn't get a raise at work (almost no one did), which made me blind with rage, but I am still not motivated to job hunt. Besides, I still don't have my driving license (I know, I know).

I did start belly-dancing classes again (just a 6-week course) but I feel I suck horribly at it. And there's the thing where I can't drive myself to class because, you know, no driver's license.

I don't like this whole being a grownup thing where I don't have enough money to do all the things I'd want to do. It would help if I win the Powerball, but that hasn't happened yet (the lack of actually buying Powerball tickets doesn't help either)

It's starting to get really cold here, so you'll just hear me complain about the weather for the next 6 months.

Anyway, follow me on twitter (same name as here) or Facebook (if you know my real name), because it's probably going to be a few months until the next time I post on LJ. Or maybe I'll post again soon. I don't know, I'm not feeling interesting enough lately.

Facebook was never a venting place, and every-fucking-body is now following me on twitter. And LJ doesn't move as fast anymore. It seems so permanent.

I feel like I have no friends anymore. I don't like this feeling. But I don't like talking to people either.

Everything just feels off these days.


I just updated my LJ profile, and when I went to add "my husband" to the list of interests, I noticed it was already there.

Feeling pretty meh lately, but don't I always? Reading upon the interwebs, I decided to start taking some Vitamin D during the winter. And by winter, I mean September to April. I suppose the proper way would be to go to a doctor and have my Vitamin D levels checked out, but all literature seems to indicate it's very difficult to generate enough Vitamin D from the Sun at these latitudes and there's no way to get enough of it from food. Therefore I can logically conclude that I have a vitamin D deficiency with no testing required. Hopefully, taking some supplements will help reduce that constant "just been ran over by a bulldozer" feeling I had last winter. Though no one seems to agree on how much vitamin do you really need. Oddly enough (not!) the people who insist you need 5 to 10 times more than the recommended dosage are the same people trying to sell you the vitamins.

Haven't been watching much TV nor reading any books lately. Though I have been playing some videogames.

Lots of life-planning going on, but lack of money to pursue things. Should have married a millionaire :P

Been looking at houses for sale that we can't afford. Our renting situation has changed in a way that doesn't makes us comfortable to rent our current place anymore. Still planning for babbys in the near-mid future that we can't afford as well. All while trying to come up with a way to pay off some existing debts. Boy, it's so fun to be a grownup :|

Lost some weight recently, but I'm finding that if I stray only a little bit from a very low carb diet, bad things start to happen. Which is stupid by itself.

I haven't felt very engaged in social activities lately. On one hand, that is good because I really can't stand people, but on the other hand, you know, lack of social activities.

Work is being retarded as usual. They say they won't re-organize my team, and yet we keep hearing very strong rumors to the contrary. I finally feel like I have some idea what's going on, regarding my day-to-day tasks, and it would suck to have everything shuffled around.

OMG, Seriously, WTF America?

A few months ago the Husband had a non-life-threatening medical problem of which I convinced him to go see a doctor. He refused for a while until it got bad enough to convince him to go. We went there, everyone was super nice, he saw the doctor, got the attention he needed, we paid the $30 copay and went on with our lives. You know what nobody told us during our visit? "OH, BY THE WAY, WE'RE GOING TO SEND YOU A BILL FOR $300+ DOLLARS IN A FEW WEEKS, MMMKAY?"

I don't get it. Even when you take your car for repairs they call you with an estimate BEFORE they do any work in case you want to say "thanks, but no, thanks".

Anyway, the Husband says they can't do anything about it if we pay them $20 a month until it's paid off. I really really doubt that's the case.

Honestly, this makes me NEVER want to go to a doctor again while I live in this stupid country.

Any advice? Ideas? Tips?

Le sigh (TMI girlpart problems)

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I've been meaning to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist (and I probably still will in the near future), but I've been so disappointed with US doctors and the healthcare system, that I'm not sure if it's worth all the hassle and the probably expense of hundreds of dollars for them to tell me what already know. "Oh hey, your hormones look like crap when you eat poorly and they look better as soon as you lose some weight!" No shit, Sherlock.

I've been seriously low-carbing for about a month now, and I lost about half as much as I want to lose overall. I do get pissed at myself for having to lose weight when I don't see myself as fat (I probably have the opposite problem than 99.9% of women out there.) Don't get me wrong, though, I'm still technically overweight.

So my two options at this moment is say "the hell with bc pills" and then be doubly annoyed at the return of PCOS symptoms and a very probable lack of spontaneous babby-forming, or go to the doctor and be annoyed 100x more, lose money, but possibly end up with a babby at the end.

It seems that having babbys is what the cool kids are doing these days, anyway.

I don't know what the point of this post is. I'm just having a hormonal funky mood day.


I just saw Man of Steel and you know hate is a strong word, but... I hated it.

On a non-spoilery review I'd say the movie is 45% things we already know and we don't care about hearing again (hello, origin!), 10% interesting things that are slightly different from we are used to (but don't weigh enough to keep me from hating the movie as a whole), and 45% battle and Michael-Bayesque EXPLOASIONS that we don't care about at all because obviously Superman is going to win.

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I might do better rewatching Lois and Clark
Because it looks like I'm not updating here that often.

Though I don't think I post that much on FB and Twitter anymore.

Basically, everything seems to point at the fact that it would be a good idea to try to have a baby right now, except there are some things I need to accomplish before I start trying, and these things don't seem to be happening anytime soon.

A) Need to lose weight. I slowly gained back everything I lost last year and some more. Totally uncool. I tinkered with the settings on MyFitnessPal to make it more low-carb friendly, but it still lacks a "net carbs" functionality, which makes it extra annoying. I did manage to lose the "weight I gained on my anniversary celebration" weight in the past week, but I don't count it as a victory because I feel like I should have never gained that in the first place.

B) Need to see an endocrinologist to check that all my shit is in order. MORE DIFFICULT THAN IT SEEMS! Looked at my insurance website, found a reproductive endocrinologist (which sounds like it would be what I need), sent them an email telling them what my insurance is, they said "no problem!", called and got an appointment, and they gave me an appointment with a "new" doctor, WHICH IS APPARENTLY NOT REGISTERED WITH MY INSURANCE YET. I'm, like, seriously wtf. My appointment is for tomorrow but they said they'll call me back today about it (I'm guessing *if* they can straighten shit out), but I'm seriously pissed.

I need to get some blood tests done, but honestly, getting good numbers in B) seriously depends on A). So basically my chances of being able to has babbys depends on A). And I suck at it.

It's weird because The Husband's friends are ALL having or expecting babies right now (from first or second marriages), and they are not that young per se. So I'm getting a lot of "YOU'RE NEXT!!", which I would be pissed about if I didn't want to have babies.

Anyway, what else is new? We went to Argentina and it was the same as always. We went to see Weird Al twice this summer (yay!), but we didn't get any autographs or chat time with him (boo!). Work is annoying and my boss will be quitting in a couple of weeks, but we haven't heard any nice things about her replacement. Also, we may or may not lose the client or part of the project when the contract negotiation is up in November. That would give me a good excuse to look for a higher paying job.
Leaving for Argentina tomorrow on vacation. Yay? I don't feel as excited as you'd think. Family drama has erupted and we'll end up not going to the wedding that was the original reason for my trip.

There's also a lot of drama going on at work, where my direct supervisor has been in the verge of either quitting or getting fired for the past couple of months. Allegedly, she'll be quitting two months from now, but she's doing so much of not showing up to work with crazy excuses that we're wondering why they're not immediately firing her. It's like watching a telenovela but in real life.

Of course I still don't have a driver's licence and, even if I did, I am not comfortable enough with the idea of driving 1.5 hours there and 1.5 hours back to go to work. Which means I'm stuck working wherever The Husband is working for now. It's still awesome because I get to be with The Husband a lot, but I'm not getting paid as much as I could be getting paid somewhere else.

Which brings us to the next point, which is buying a house. Or, better said, building The Husband's "dream house" from scratch. Which will cost way more than we can afford right now. This is kinda a mid-term goal.

Actually, I have like zero progress in all the goals that I set for this year. This ended up being a bummer post, didn't it? I feel very meh today and not in the mood to do any work while at work.

What kind of medical school do they have in the US that a doctor would even refuse to look at a sonogram if they can't read the report?

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But... Murica

Finally went to the gynecologist. She wouldn't do 80% of the things/test my gynecologist from Argentina did. Pretty annoyed by the whole thing.

I still need to find an Endocrinologist, since she wouldn't even prescribe me a blood test. And, apparently, a fertility specialist, because she can't help me with anything. And OMG I AM GETTING TOO OLD TO HAS BABBYS according to her.

Useless things I've identified that just raise the costs and provides no benefit:

  • a nurse seeing you before the doctor (for no apparent reason)

  • robocalls reminding you of your appointments

  • computerized records and them giving you a summary of your visit (waste of paper)

  • a TV in the waiting room (we all have smartphones by now)

  • And, oh yeah, having to help pay back all the student loans that everyone working at the doctor's office has to pay. You know, if only higher education were free or cheap like in other countries.
  • Meh and more meh

    This cold weather needs to go away, like, yesterday. It's getting ridiculous. I am tired and de-motivated all the time and I need the cold weather to go away to see if that's the cause or if I'm having a real thyroid/hormonal/depression problem.

    Work is being annoying in the sense that anyone who knows anything is quitting, and the company is not doing anything to retain them. If there aren't any senior coworkers to take responsibility, it means that *I* will end up taking more responsibilities that I'd like. Honestly, I'd like to keep a low profile long enough to be able to take maternity leave(s) eventually. I'd like to have a better paying job, but I don't want all the stress that comes with that. But if my not-so-high paying job is going to get stressful, then maybe it's not worth it.

    Marriage continues to be fabulous and I like to complain about little things whenever I can, with the purpose of fending off the envy of everyone around me. "Oh, jeez, he never likes the way I do the dishes".

    I am giving My Fitness Pal a try, as per rhiannonhero 's recommendation, but so far it hasn't motivated me to eat any less at all. It's only giving me added stress about what I do eat. Which seems to be somewhere between phases 2 and 3 of the Atkins plan on any normal day, which explains why I gain weight so easily when I stray and then I am unable to lose it back. The app doesn't make it easy to track Net Carbs instead of Calories, but it can be done. I give this app about 1-2 weeks before I get tired of it.

    By the way, I made a batch of these low carb peanut butter cups and I can't stop eating them. Ridiculous!

    Anyway, that's pretty much what's been going on. Pretty boring, huh.
    Remember back in August when I went to Planned Parenthood and got a 1-year prescription for birth control? Well, I've been getting those at the supermarket's pharmacy, but since my new health insurance has home delivery for medicines, I thought I'd try that. WRONG. I called them and explained the situation, and they said they'd have to call my doctor for them to write me a new prescription. OK, fine, whatever. Today they called me back and said that Planned Parenthood claims I am no longer a patient of theirs and they can't write me a new prescription. Um... what? I went there once and got a prescription for a year, and the year hasn't passed yet. How often do you have to go to the gynecologist to be considered a "patient" of theirs? When I bitched about it to the health insurance lady she said that if I have an existing prescription with refills left they can contact my pharmacy and transfer the prescription. And I say, if they can do that, then why did they need to call my doctor? I was, like, fuck that. Told the lady to forget it.

    On Monday I went to the dentist. First thing they did was to take x-rays. I said "you're going to tell me to get my wisdom teeth out". Yup. I was all "nuh-huh". And then they said that I had cavities in my wisdom teeth, but they wouldn't fix them because "they need to come out". Seriously? This is how you respect your patient's wishes? How is that a choice? It's fucking wisdom teeth. They be there laying around and doing nothing. It's what they're for. I'm pissed because I have been told numerous times that I should get them out, but my last dentist in Argentina did not make a big fuss about them at all. I'd rather spend money to go all the way to Argentina to see my dentist than spending it in unnecessary surgery here.

    I ended up calling a gynecologist office that was in the same building as the dentist, only to end up with an appointment with the same "practice" but in a different building. Lady asked for all my information before even telling me what appointments they had. Didn't answer to my question about what places I could be getting an appointment, which could have made it actually closer to my house or something. Gave me an appointment on a Saturday (I wanted either that, or after work), but almost two months from now. Emailed me 12000 pages to fill before I go there. Ridiculous.

    Husband developed an allergic reaction to his wedding ring, so I ordered him a Titanium ring over the internet. Which was too big. So I ordered another ring half a size smaller. Which was also too big. It's a good thing I hadn't mailed the original one yet, because their stupid ass company is having *me* pay for return shipping. Now I will just ship both of them at once, and they can fuck off forever and ever.

    At least I got my replacement headphones from Hong Kong that I bought on eBay. And those work. Until they break 6 months from now, as they always do

    Our pipes are draining slow and bubbly, and throwing Liquid Plumr did nothing to it.

    Oh yeah, I have a cold even though I already had the flu like a month ago. It seems to be a different thing (no fever), but it's insanely annoying and not helping my mood.

    We went to Marc's Accountant to get our taxes done this year, and ended up clashing with him about what to do on our W-4s. I kept telling him that we need to lower our allowances because next year we'll both be working all year (hopefully) and they would rape our asses at the end of the year if we don't. And he kept telling me that I can do whatever with our allowances but can't complain to him if we end up owing money. I'm, like, wtf, I am telling you I want to pay more during the year, why would I end up owing? It was ridiculous and went on for at least half an hour. I'm not sure what he was thinking. But he has an Ukranian wife, so we ended up bonding about how America is retarded and driving is super difficult and unnecessary in other parts of the world.

    Also: SIGH :(

    Uh... parenting help?

    The Husband and I met with the Boy's teacher this week. She was concerned about him. Basically... he has ADHD. Which we know. He gets called on constantly for talking in class, fidgeting, having his fingers or his shirt in his mouth, and so on. He loses focus, and the teacher needs to steer him over and over for him to do his work.

    She advised us to be more serious about it and take his privileges away. Which I doubt would make any difference, because it's not as if he plays videogames all day, since he takes three hours to do 30 minutes worth of homework. She said to give him only 30 minutes and he'll have to do the rest during recess time, making him lose recess. The thing is, cutting his homework time won't make him work any faster, because he struggles so much trying to keep focused.

    She threatened to hold him back on third grade instead of promoting him to fourth grade. Which I don't understand in which ways fourth grade is so difficult that third grade isn't. I mean, his grades are good. So I'm pretty sure she can't hold him back without the principal, a counselor and/or the district agreeing with it. And we are sure damn not agreeing with it. So whatever.

    I believe any punishment we could implement will make things worse. He's already getting more and more anxious about this. We're getting the Boy back today after spending the week at his mom, and she said he's grounded and that we should not give him his phone back. (He has the Husband's old iPhone, without an actual phone line, which he uses only to play games). I don't feel that taking away the only thing that can keep him sitting down for more than half an hour at the time is going to improve anything. I mean, what is he supposed to do instead all weekend anyway? We'll probably go to a friend's house to watch the SuperBowl, and usually we let him play with his phone through football games since he finds them boring (and playing with my phone is what *I* do through boring football games as well). So what is he supposed to do instead? Watch the game? I mean, seriously.

    The Boy's mom is supposed to get an appointment with a child psychologist soon. I don't know what he can possibly tell us that we don't already know ("he has ADHD, yay!"). I'm not against medicating him, but The Husband and the Boy's mom are. Though I think they're having second thoughts about that.

    Any advice about anything? Help me, oh powerful people from teh Interwebs

    Things that are going on

    I haven't eaten any bread in about a week, and I can't say I really miss it. I do feel like I'm eating A LOT of food constantly, though.

    I read the Atkins book, and I wasn't very thrilled with it. I felt like every other page he was trying to sell me something. I get the philosophy, but I wouldn't want to try the "life-time eating program" or however he calls it.

    Even though I haven't lost any significant weight, my pants are falling down. I can't say if this is because they are fairly new and got stretched somehow, or if there is indeed something going on re: my fattiness.

    Hockey season is finally going to start, and hopefully that means more time for me to do whatever I want while the husband does his thing. I haven't really caught up with my TV watching ever since I started working in November.

    It's really cold here in Pittsburgh and, to say it bluntly, I don't like it. I was promised global warming and all sorts of other things. I don't like the cold, I don't like the snow, and I don't like any of this.

    Husband teases me every time I say I don't care about something. He should have met me when I was a teenager and I didn't like ANYTHING. I couldn't spend 5 minutes without complaining about something. These days either stuff don't bother me as much as it used to, or I don't verbalize my complaints as much.

    First LJ post of the year

    New year, new... health insurance. I went to refill my birth control, and since now I have health insurance (whee!), I didn't have to pay anything for them. Yay, ObamaCare. But boo to my health insurance company still having to pay the pharmacy $75 for something that's worth $20 or less in the rest of the Earth.

    I have yet to call any doctors and make appointments. Health Insurance website will tell you what a test or procedure will cost for each doctor, but they won't give you their office hours. So I'm supposed to randomly call 5-10 or even 20 doctors until I find someone I can see after work or on a Saturday? That makes no sense to me, and it's a wreck to all my phone/social anxieties.

    In amusing news, the new guy at work quit after being there less than a month. So I'm back to being the newest person. I'm getting more stuff to do, but still not a lot of training on how to do it. I went to a talk/lecture at work this week. They're putting together a project management team with a decent project management methodology. Which is the kind of work I used to do in my previous job. But it's too soon for me to try to switch teams, and it's probably not even worth it while they're not getting their shit together yet.

    In pimp-your-friend's-book news, letablake 's new book is out. Which I haven't read yet because I am giving her feedback on her next book on the series. Yay for her being published, and me actually doing something writing-related after a thousand years :D

    I finally caved and joined Goodreads. By which I mean, I somehow had an account there since 2010, but now I started using it. I'm sure I still have an account at Shelfari, somewhere, but Goodreads seems to be what the cool kids are doing these days. I got a new Kindle Paperwhite for xmas, and the Husband is now using my old Kindle 2. Apparently, he has super vision because he can read it in the horrible dim light of the TV room. (I can't, therefore the paperwhite). So I dragged him into Goodreads too.

    The husband and I finished watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The last couple of season had A LOT of stinker episodes. The ending was way out there, but it was no "Admiral from the future". Now we're watching The Next Generation. (I hadn't seen any of the Star Treks before, but the Husband has seen them all already). It feels kinda weird because it's very '80s. And that guy from Twitter is in it. You know, that guy. He was the wise-ass kid.

    I hope you do realize that the reason my online life is so boring is because my offline is so awesome. I mean, it's also pretty boring. But it's happy boring, and awesome.

    Merry post-holiday short week

    We spent Xmas eve at the mother-in-law's house, and then she came by our house on Xmas day to give us "the rest of our presents" (that the extended family couldn't see or they'd be jealous). When you see me complaining about an excess of presents, then you know you've overdone it. Though I had to respectfully decline her offer to take some of the presents back :P

    As much as I try to celebrate the holiday (the Husband celebrates "Xmas", which is like Christmas except it has nothing to do with Jesus, and everything to do with Santa, the tree and gift-giving), I find myself with a lot of rejection feelings about it. Even though I never celebrated Christmas before, I am familiar with the way it's celebrated in Argentina, which is a lot different than the way it's celebrated in the US. So that makes it extra strange.

    There's A LOT of emphasis in the tree and decoration. Americans seem to have a generalized obsession on how things look, and trying to be better than everyone else. In Argentina, people get a (fake, of course) tree according to their budget (usually less than 4 ft tall), put up the ornaments that are not broken, and not give it a second thought.

    And there seems to be a tradition of watching Christmas-themed movies every Christmas. Having never seen most of those movies before, I'm not very enthusiastic about them. Except for Jingle All the Way. I could watch that all day.

    Work is going kinda meh. I'm still not given much to do and I'm not being trained as much as I expected. So...meh. At least I am getting paid, and I appreciate the money. We'll see what happens.

    I'm a fatty (the sequel)

    We were at Marc's dad's house in Virginia over the weekend, so I basically gave up all weight-losing ideas these past few days.

    Anyway, I finished reading Wheat Belly (though I skimmed over some really boring parts), and I'm pretty disappointed at it. The author makes it seem, for the first 80% of the book, that THE ONLY thing that is holding you back is wheat. But then when you get to the part of the actual dos and don'ts of the diet, it's the typical low carb diet that you can find on any low carb forum or website out there. As in, no wheat, no sugar, no starches. I say meh.

    Though I am still enjoying baking with coconut flour. I just made half a recipe for these cookies and I ate almost all of them. Though I didn't put any chocolate chips in them, and I used baking powder instead of baking soda for no apparent reason

    On non food-related news, the husband is home with the flu and I stayed home to "take care of him", though technically it's more like "I don't even have a ride to the bus stop to take the bus to work". And the small boy is back to school today after missing three days on a combination of stomach flu and regular flu. Fun times...NOT!

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    I'm feeling very introspective lately

    You know, at some point in my life I went from having low self-esteem to thinking "I'm pretty okay". But I never felt thin until I moved to the United States. Now, I am not the thinnest, but I'm definitely relatively thinner than most people here.

    I don't know what my point was with that.

    Anyway, Xmas is basically getting out of control. You see, I am Jewish so I couldn't care less about it, but The Husband celebrates a festivity that is not Christmas (about Jeebus), but rather Xmas (about presents). So he started shopping for presents in October (you know, couponing blogs would tell you to shop year-round), and ever since then, everything new that we need and buy, instantly becomes an Xmas present. Need new pants? Xmas present! Kitchen Tongs? Xmas present! Shower Curtains? Xmas present! So I can't use my new pants until Dec 25th, even though they would be very much useful right now. On one hand, it's getting ridiculous. But on the other hand, it's not really an "extra" expense, since they're all things we need and we were going to buy anyway.

    And in today's episode of Adventures in Parenting, I'll tell you a story. Last year, before I moved here, I visited around the Xmas season. The Boy had a stuffed plush snake toy that he had dubbed Mr. Snakey. He won it at a fair or something, and he never really paid much attention to it. For some reason unknown to men, he decided to bring Mr. Snakey along with us when we went out to eat and then to Walmart. The Boy was wearing a Santa hat, and carrying Mr. Snakey inside it. While we were walking from the car to the store, he realized that Mr. Snakey was gone. We looked around and didn't see it anywhere, so I assumed he left it in the car. But when we finished shopping and went back to the car, Mr. Snakey was still gone.

    The Boy cried about Mr. Snakey for about a week or so, even though he didn't care that much about it before losing it. Every now and then he kept whining about it, and last week he started crying about Mr. Snakey again, because the xmas season reminded him of it. So we sent him to bed, and he came back not crying about 10 minutes later, deciding that he knew how to fix it. He would ask Santa to bring him a new Mr. Snakey, or to bring the old Mr. Snakey back. He had also came up with "I'll ask Santa to fix it" one or two days before that, when he lost his buildings in Minecraft (which I ended up fixing). So I was pretty pissed about it, and told him that he can't just ask Santa to fix all his problems magically. Like, what's he going to do, sit there with his arms crossed for an entire year until Santa fixes everything on Dec 25th? I told him that his dad and I are there to help and try to fix his problems for him, and he should come to us.

    Do you know you can't just buy one carnival toy? I ended up buying a box with a dozen Mr. Snakeys (even though shipping was $10 for a $5.40 box), and we will just put each of them in a different package for him to open on Xmas. Am I the awesomest step-mom or what?

    I'm a fatty

    After the Thanksgiving holidays I decided to go back to the low-carb wagon. So now I'm just mostly looking at recipes all day and thinking about food all the time. It's probably counter-productive. And I haven't lost any weight so far.

    The problem with low-carb desserts is that the ingredients are really rare, weird and expensive. But I finally caved and bought some almond flour, flax meal and coconut flour. I've decided that I don't care much about flax, and I still have the strong suspicion that eating too much almond makes me queasy. But I used the coconut flour to make these pancakes and they were fantastic.

    I also started reading the Wheat Belly book and I have mixed feelings about it. Basically, this doctor says that wheat today is a million times worse than the wheat 50 years ago, and if we just stop eating wheat, everything will be fabulous and unicorns and rainbows will come shining from your butt. I'm paraphrasing. I like and get what he's saying, but I'm just very suspicious about everything else being allowed.

    So I'm still kinda trying to figure out what to eat and what not, but I'm not being very strict as I think I should be

    Greetings from the new workplace

    So I started working on Monday, and today is Thursday and I still don't have access to *all* the systems that I need to do my job. Which I'm not really sure what it consists of, since I've only had about an hour of training per day so far.

    On the good side, since I am working at the same company as The Husband, I get to commute with him and hang out during lunch break

    On the bad side, this is a huge company, so there's a lot of "don't do this" that can be pretty demoralizing. On the worst side, people have desktops, not laptops, so everyone is forced to print out stuff to take it to the meeting room before a meeting. And I guess I was too used to having virtual meetings through the computer instead of having to physically go to a meeting room (can't do that with people working across the world).

    As I just said on Twitter, Facebook is blocked, but Twitter, LJ, Google+, Blogspot and 9gag are all available. Which makes no sense, but I'll take it. There's only so much you can mess with your phone during the workday.

    In greater news, Obama won the election, which means, amongst other things, that health insurance won't go to the drain. Even though it's pretty horrible to begin with. I started working Nov 5, but my health insurance coverage won't start until Jan 1st. What's this thing with "enrolling" people once a month? In that other country where I used to live in, they'd just send the health insurance company the list of new people every now and then (probably on a weekly or bi-weekly basis) before their start date, and they'd be covered from day one.
    I guess it's a good thing that we don't have any kind of TV in our house, because if we did, I might ended up believing what the news said about the Frankenstorm or however they called it. Point was, my girl cyberwitch13666 was in Philadelphia for a few days, so I decided to jump on a train to spend a few days with her.

    I was pretty unwilling to part ways from my beloved husband, but when his plans for last Sunday was to go to a friend's house and watch the American Football game, I was FUCK THIS SHIT, I GOT BETTER THINGS TO DO! My first idea was to just take a train to PHL on Sunday and come back on Monday. But since I am retarded and did not foresee that trains do indeed get sold out, I ended up buying a ticket to go there on Sunday and come back on Tuesday. So I bought that, and I also booked two nights in the hostel where she was staying. She was staying in the couples room (which I later found out it's still twin bunk beds anyway) with her bestest gay friend Jonathan who was in town to participate in a Magic: The Gathering tournament in Philly (who ended up being 16th of the world or something that's extremely cool but pays very little in prizes).

    So I made my husband drive me on the buttcrack of down to the train station, and had a very uneventful trip there. I was pleasantly surprised they have 110v plugs on the train, so I could keep my phone charged all the way. Though I had my very huge very large external battery anyway. The weather had been cloudy so far, and it only started raining when I got to Philly. I took a bus to the hostel, and it took the very chatty gay receptionist an eternity to check me in. So we went out for a walk. It was rainy, but not hurricane rainy. We went to see the Liberty bell, and then we went to a gift shop so I could be done with it. We walked by the Jewish History museum but it was closing, and we saw it would be closed on Monday as well, so boo. We went looking for a place to eat, but the super cool Italian restaurant was closed, so we ended up at a trendy Spanish tapas place. Even though the menu had a section called "tapas", apparently everything was tapas-sized, so the waitress recommended that each of us ordered 3 plates. So it ended up being pretty expensive, but the food had FLAVOR. FLAVOR! It was amazing. Then we went back to the hostel and chatted for a while, and then went to sleep.

    On Monday, which I shall dub "Hurricane Day," we decided to go take a picture with the Rocky statue. When my parents were in the US for my wedding, they decided that Phladelphia was not visit-worthy, so they only stopped by to take a picture with the Rocky statue on their way to Atlantic City. So they basically demanded I go there and do the same. Anyway, with all the motivation, cyberwitch13666 and I took the subway (which was free because of the "hurricane"), and walked a few blocks under the rain to take our picture with the statue. I will say it was raining moderately, and there were some strong burst of winds every now and then, but it was reaaaaally not a hurricane. After we took our pictures with the statue, and decided to visit the museum of whatever that was right there, we found out that... IT WAS CLOSED ON MONDAYS. By then we were pretty far away from the subway stop, so we had to walk some more under the rain. All the museums in the area or anything interesting was closed either because it was Monday, or because of the storm. Eventually we found a CVS, where I decided to buy some socks (as I had only taken two pairs of socks for my trip, and they were both wet by then) and some mixed nuts. Then we found a pizza place that was open and had pizza for lunch. Om nom nom. This was considerably cheaper than the Spanish restaurant but still super good. We tried to go to Macy's, but it was closed due to the storm.

    Anyway, eventually we took the (free) subway back to the hostel, and when I got there and checked my phone, Amtrak had sent me an email and a voice mail canceling my train trip for Tuesday. So I called them and rescheduled for Wednesday. So far everything was cool. I went to the hostel reception, and I told a lady I had to stay an extra night. I asked if there was a hurricane discount and she said no. I asked if she could do me a favor and print my new train ticket, and she sent me to buy $2 worth of internet time. Which I had to do. That was some uncool lady. With the lodging situation solved, we called around a few restaurant to see if they were open, but no one answered our calls. So we walked around and found the only open supermarket and I bought some horrible pre-packaged processed meals, and cyberwitch13666 bought some pasta and sauce and decided to cook. The hostel kitchen was packed because, of course, everyone was inside. I facetimed with my parents for a while and then we went to her room and started talking. When we realized, it was already 2 AM so we decided to go to sleep.

    I was awoken at 8 AM on Tuesday by dear husband asking me if I was ok because of the storm. I was like "I'm sleeping!!!" but I couldn't go back to sleep, so I took a shower and went out for a walk. cyberwitch13666 said she was taking a shower and would catch up with me later. Tuesday weather was even milder than Monday. Lightly raining on and off and almost no wind at all. I took some pictures at Penn's landing, and then went walking to the other side. My goal of the day was to buy some rain boots because having wet feet and changing socks all the time was getting really annoying. Everything was still closed. I finally found a Kmart that was open, and bought rain boots and even more socks. Then cyberwitch13666 told me she was at a Dunkin' Donuts two blocks from me, so I caught up with her. Apparently, all the DDs were open, but THEY HAD NO DONUTS. On the other hand, most Starbucks and Subways were closed, but all the independently-owned, ethnic-based restaurants were open. We decided to try our luck with Macy's again. IT WAS STILL CLOSED. Eventually we found a Subway that was open, so we had lunch. Then we found the one clothing store that was open, and cyberwitch13666 bought herself a fake-leather jacket. We took the subway back to the hostel, but this time we had to pay.

    When we got to the hostel I had YET another email from Amtrak canceling my trip for Wednesday as well. This made me REALLY upset, because cyberwitch13666 was leaving on Wednesday morning (her flight was NOT cancelled) and I didn't want to be stuck in Philly by myself. I tried calling Greyhound, but they were also canceled until further notice. So I moved my train ticket to Thursday, but I decided to wait until Wednesday morning to check with Greyhound again. I didn't extend my hostel trip.

    We chilled at the hostel for a while, and then Jonathan wanted to go out and buy a Wii console. I know what you're thinking, but he wasn't able to wait for the Wii U, since he wouldn't be in the country by then. So we went with him, under the on and off rain, about ten blocks all the way to a GameStop... which was in a gallery that was closed. So we decided to go to Walmart, but we had to take a bus there. So we had to walk ten blocks back past the hostel, and find that mysterious bus stop that was "downstairs" according to someone who asked. Apparently, there were some stairs that we didn't see, so we ended up walking an insane amount to go around them and find the actual bus stop. And we waited about half an hour for the bus, for a 10-minute ride. We finally reached the Walmart... and they were out of Wiis. cyberwitch13666 bought herself a laptop tray for $25, and an insane amount of underwear. We decided to sit down and rest at the Walmart's McDonalds while Jonathan tried his luck at a Target a couple blocks from there. Eventually we moved on and found the one Dunkin Donuts that was open and had donuts, so we bought a dozen. I was good at resisting and ate only one, but she didn't care. We got tired of waiting for Jonathan (his phone was without credit, so he couldn't text us back), so after a few amount of warnings, we ditched him (he's a grown boy and he eventually made his way back to the hostel). After two different 25 buses told us they were not the bus we wanted (one of them had to be wrong), we took a taxi back to the hostel.

    Our initial idea was to visit the place that "allegedly" invented the cheesesteak, but since it was already so late and the place was too far to go there and risk it being closed, we decided to try our luck with a place that was also recommended, but it was two blocks away from the hostel. Of course, that place was closed. So we bought cheesesteaks on yet another cheesesteak place on the same block. They were pretty good. Eventually Jonathan made it back (he had no bus problems) and it turned out he found the Wii at Target (they even gave him an extra $30 discount because they were trying to get rid of them before they received the Wii Us), and then went back to Walmart to buy a couple games for it. And it somehow took the Walmart people 45 minutes to find the key to the videogame display and let him buy them.

    Right before I went to bed, I decided to check the Greyhound website, and they said they'd resume operations in Philadelphia at 7 the next day, but there'd be no buses going North (I'm going west, bitches!). So I bought a ticket home and went to sleep.

    On Wednesday I woke up at 6 AM, packed my things, shook cyberwitch13666 goodbye, and made my way to the Greyhound station...which was closed until 7:45. My bus was supposed to leave at 8:40, but I had conflicting information about it. Lady said the bus would go only to Harrisburg (which is not even 20% of the way there), but that I could stick around and ask the driver. When the driver finally showed up at 9, she said the bus would go all the way there, but they'd be changing drivers in Harrisburg. I was, like, cool, and jumped in. Now, the bus that I took was a 9-hour bus (as opposed to the 7-hour train) because it stopped in a lot of cities on the way. Which was more convenient for me than an express bus, since I could get off in Greensburg instead of Pittsburgh, which is closer to my house. At some point in the middle of the trip, we got word that the driver was supposed to wait for another DELAYED bus that was supposed to connect with ours, so we had to stay there and do nothing for about two hours, and we'd arrive two hours later. Let me tell you, the driver was more pissed at the delay than any of the passengers were. But I made it to Greensburg at 7:15 instead of 5:30. Which is still better than waiting for the train the next day :P

    When I got here, Marc had already mutated back into the Single Marc who eats nothing but Hamburger Helper and pizza. I hope the damage is easily undoable :P

    More rambling about the thing that is my life

    So I'm minding my own business on Facebook and there's a picture of That Guy That I Liked In Highschool But He Ended Up Marrying That Girl I Couldn't Stand And Now They Have A Toddler Baby Girl. I have them both friended on fb, but they don't post anything. I just see them when someone with a semi-public account tags them in a picture every now and then. And then it kinda hit me that a) I couldn't really care about any of them anymore, b) Highschool was 10 years ago, OMG I'm old and c) I have absolutely nothing to envy and nothing to be bitter about because, fuck yeah, I'm married with children now. Okay, just the one stepson, but still.

    Anyway, I finally got a job at the husband's company (starting a couple weeks from now), which means I can carpool with him to work every day. I also got my driver's learning permit, but the husband is convinced that my driving will kill us both. Apparently, I'm not really good at it.

    I've also caught the mildest cold ever (no fever, no coughing, etc) and the husband has been shaking my hand when he leaves for work in the morning, and threatening to make me sleep in the futon. My parents keep telling me to write this all down to present as evidence on the divorce trial :P

    I can't think of anything else that's been going on lately. I guess I have been absorbed by the 'murrica suburban life.

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    Middle of the night random postings

    I like to call my husband "bunny", and tell him how cute and fuzzy he is. I also send him internet pictures of cute, fluffy bunnies that remind me of him. We also call each other "babby" and never "baby".

    I finally got that paper from the DMV saying that they checked with immigration and I'm not a filthy illegal alien. But they had also bitched at my SSN card not being on my married name, so I'm waiting to receive that before I go back there again. I went to the Social Security office to do the name change and, guess what, they need to check with immigration AGAIN to see if I'm not a filthy illegal alien. I guess that'll take another 6 weeks.

    I started applying to jobs last week. I had originally applied at the company where the husband works, but they eventually rejected me. Though husband spoke to his boss who spoke with someone else and they eventually sent me yet another stupid questionnaire via email. Anyway, I had one interview so far somewhere else, at a Staffing consulting company, and I could tell that the dude really liked me, but he doesn't really have any openings where to put me. I also had a callback for a high paying job that I doubt I'm going to get, but it'd be super sweet. And I have a phone interview tomorrow somewhere else. Yet I still couldn't drive to any of these places, since I have no driver's license. I think I may have found a way that would imply a 15 min ride from husband and then taking a bus downtown. But it's only a theory so far.

    Xmas season is around the corner. We were at Walmart today, and they turned their whole patio furniture section into Xmas central. As an Argentinian Geek Jew, I was appalled when I saw a yard-decoration bear for $99 when I could use those $99 on an external hard drive, which would be infinity times more useful. I'm still slightly pissed at spending $0.97 on Santa wrapping paper. Husband made most of the Xmas present purchases already and yay for me getting a new Kindle but boo to having already spent a small fortune. And I know that, from now on, things that we would normally buy and use right away will just be bought, wrapped and kept in a closet for two months (I know because last year one of my presents was the food processor that I bought for myself on Amazon)

    We were at Marc's mom's today, and his step-dad had put a Romney Ryan sign in his yard. I asked him if he wasn't afraid of people egging his house (it takes all my willpower not to), and he said that with Obama care we'll all end up paying an extra 8k per year in healthcare, which I had no means to refute since it was the first time I heard such a thing. Anyway, the husband and I were so disgusted that we went straight to Obama headquarters to get our own Obama Biden yard sign. Even though a yard sign is probably the most useless campaigning method, and in Argentina no one would ever be caught dead advertising who they're going to vote on their own house.

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    Welcome back, TV season!!!

    I missed you so much!!! *hugs my laptop because even though I moved to the States I still don't have cable and I have to keep torrenting the shows. Which is cool, because I really, really, REALLY hate commercials

    Even though it was because of the husband watching the football game yesterday (on a pirate stream, of course) that I found that Partners exists. Now, I don't really think it's going to be the greatest show on TV or anything, but OMG Brandon Routh playing gay. And OMG Marc from Ugly Betty still being gay. And OMG, David Krumholtz still looks fucking adorable (but, sadly, not gay).

    I am ridiculously emotionally invested in How I Met Your Mother. If you remember correctly, I only started watching this last year, and I probably saw all 7 seasons in a month or so. Of course, just like everybody else, I don't really care about the mysterious mother, but I'm just glued to my seat rooting for Robin and Barney. And there's something that someone said on this first episode about relationships.Vaguely spoilery quoteCollapse ) And I knew what he was talking about because that's totally the way I feel about my husband. How awesome is that? Really?

    I keep watching Bones for some reason. Can't believe that show is on the 8th season. I still have random bouts of fury whenever I remember that Booth has another kid that the show is promptly ignoring, though.

    I used to watch about 30-40 different shows per season. You know, since I could always download them all, I didn't have to choose between something or other. At some point I was working and studying full time for a while, so I stopped watching "new" shows, and eventually reduced my watching list to a more manageable 7-8 shows. Now I do have free time again, but I don't feel that same feeling of "I MUST WATCH EVERYTHING!" anymore. Which is good, but also sad, because I feel like I'm missing out on some stuff. I'm still very cautious about picking up new shows. But I'll probably try to pick up on a few things, since right now my auto-downloads are (besides the three shows I just mentioned) Supernatural, 30 Rock, The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men (yes, for some reason I am still watching that). There's no House this year (boo) and no Smallville (I know it ended a couple of years ago, but I am still grieving).

    Oh, and last week I FINALLY watched the last season of Chuck. I wasn't happy with the finale AT ALL. The fifth season started up super dark (Casey kills a bunch of people, Gertrude throws a grenade at someone), and it ended up waaaaaaaaaay over the top. And the finale was just UGH. I was super sad and disappointed for two days after that.

    Wait, I was thinking of which other shows I watch and, of course, now I watch Teen Wolf (which is in hiatus), but I also watch Burn Notice. Which I just searched for and found out that there's like 10 new episodes I haven't seen. *presses the magic download button

    I like watching TV with the husband, but he doesn't like watching shows on a weekly basis. He waits until the season is over and watches it all at once. So I can't really share all the new episodes of anything yet. He watched Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock and HIMYM with me. And now that we finished Star Trek: TOS, we started watching Star Trek: DS9. Which I don't really like as much as I liked Voyager. And I didn't really like Voyager, but rather had gone used to all the characters and the dynamics. Oh, and we're also watching The Dukes of Hazzard with the boy. He's just fascinated by the General Lee and all the car chasing scenes.

    I wonder what other shows are out there that I might like. Hmm... I'll probably check out 666 Park Avenue (sounds like the kind of show that will get canceled after 14 episodes) and Arrow, of course. Any other recommendations?

    Things that are going on

    I can't really remember what I posted here and what I didn't. My life lately has been pretty mundane. But I just got my working permit, so all the housewifey stuff may come to an end (or a serious reduction)

    I fixed a pair of pants with my new sewing machine today. I was in that situation at the store when one size was too small and the next size was too big, and I somehow decided on the biggest side. Then I found that the normal state of those pants was to hang down low, barely holding on to my hips. So I took about 2 inches off the waist. Exciting! No, not really. But I'm happy now that I can wear those pants like a normal human being. Also, my sewing spree came with a sewing supplies shopping spree, of course. Bobbins! Needles! Zipper foot! My husband not understanding what the hell I'm talking about!

    Being married is like the totally greatest thing ever in the history of things. If you're married, and you're not happy, then you're doing it wrong.

    I've been following the couponing blogs, and basically started couponing way before I moved here, but I still find everything way too expensive. Sure, every now and then I will save 10 dollars... off a $150 transaction. Our grocery list is pretty much always the same (milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, bread, drinks, lettuce, chicken, whatever meat is on sale, etc). And the coupons on the inserts are 90% for things that we don't buy: pet food, hair dyes, makeup, vitamins, all sorts of sugarful shit, and vomit-inducing pre-packaged food. Husband's mom has a Sam's Club membership, so we borrow her card and we go there all the time. I am being all control-freak and keeping a price spreadsheet so we can tell what's worth buying at Sam's club and what's not. I was ridiculously happy today when I bought the biggest bottle of Vanilla Extract in history for only $7.48 there. But then again, we probably end up having between 10-20% of stuff finding their way into our shopping carts even though they're not on the list.

    I got some popsicle molds a while ago, and I've been making some popsicles without sugar in them. Now the family can be happy. I made some strawberry ones (2 lbs of strawberry, some lemon juice and artificial sweetener, and to the food processor), peaches (3 peaches, cream, milk, vanilla, artificial sweetener) and chocolate (using the ice-cream maker and the ice-cream maker recipe, no sugar). And no one seems to care that they have no sugar in them.

    I don't think I've done any great cooking other than that. Husband and Boy don't really have refined palates or anything. So it's mostly salad, burgers, hot dogs, tacos and so on. Oh, we got a deep fryer and we've been having wings a lot (except for the boy, who doesn't seem to like chicken that much)

    I've been playing a lot of games on my phone lately. I'm playing Pocket Planes all the time, and some of the "With Friends" franchise. If any of you are playing the same thing, let me know so we can be "buddies"

    Gave up on trying to do 10000 steps per day, and started doing Wii Fit. Then gave up on doing Wii Fiit, and started to try to get 5000 steps per day. Most of the days I'm getting there.

    I am aaaaaaaaaaaaaaalmost all caught up with Teen Wolf, by the way. I'm up to the episode where and and OMG!! I can't believe they're doing season-long storylines and properly tying them up. In terms of continuity, it kinda reminds me of Veronica Mars.

    Did I mention that my husband is super, super cute? :D

    Magic gremlins that live inside pills

    So I went to Planned Parenthood today. They made me fill a gigathousandbillion forms. I knew they would charge me based on income, so I kinda fibbed a little bit on it. Lady at the reception said I may still be eligible for assistance from the state of Pennsylvania (even though I gave her a pretty high number anyway), but when she said I'd have to send proof of income, I was all "um, I can pay! I can pay!" I asked how much the visit would be, and she said about $60 (which is still less than the $600 per month it would cost to add me to the husband's health insurance plan).

    So I went inside, I got weighed, got my blood pressure taken, and the lady said they usually do a blood test for iron for new patients, and asked if I wanted it. Sure, whatever. I don't recall ever being tested for it, though it may have been one of the numbers in my usual blood tests. To no one's surprise, my iron is normal. Then I was seen by a different person (I did notice that everyone I've seen working there was female), and I explained for the eleven-thousandth time that yes, I'm already on birth control, I think you guys call it Yasmin, and I need a new prescription for it. She explained all the possible side-effects of the pill, which I haven't experienced so far, so whatever.

    She said they didn't have it there, so they gave me a prescription good for a year. I just need to go every month to the pharmacy and get it. Then I went back to the reception and they ended up charging me $82, at which point my brain was "duh, they charged you for the iron test, dumass!" But they didn't give me a receipt, which I find super odd.

    So to the pharmacy I went. I explained to the lady that I don't have health insurance and how much it would be, and she said it would be $94 PER BOX. "Can I get a generic?" "That IS the generic." I seriously asked if there were magic gremlins in it. I was getting them for free in Argentina, but I did buy some boxes without the health insurance discount, and it wasn't more than $20 per box. Pharmacy Lady said she could try to get me a "discount card" of some sorts, and asked me to come pick it up in 45 minutes (I still don't know how "walk to the back and get a box" takes them so long, but apparently there were "people ahead of me" somehow). When I came back, the magical "discount card" had magically brought the number down to $73 per box, which is still a ripoff, but it made me happy anyway.


    America, y u so retarded?

    So... Planned Parenthood...

    So my husband's doctor's office says they can't give me a birth control prescription without a pap smear, and apparently since my last pap smear (in Dec.) is in Spanish, it's no good for them. They gave me a number to ask about a free clinic, which I called and they had no appointments before October. So I called Planned Parenthood, and they gave me an appointment for next week.

    Then Marc came home and he talked to someone who advised him to lie to Planned Parenthood, not telling them that I'm married and saying "I think I may be pregnant" and let them run tests or something, and then get them to give me birth control. This person says they won't give me any if I don't do that.

    I fail to understand why I'm advised to lie on something that should be so simple. "Hey, I'm already taking these, give me a prescription for more"

    Any insight on the matter?

    50 blarghs

    The only thing I envy from Ana is the "millionaire" aspect of her boyfriend. I would so totally NOT refuse any presents ever

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